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n 1969 our first British school was founded in Madrid. Since then we have provided children with a rigorous and broad British education. Pupils from our British schools in Madrid go on to study at the best British universities as well as those in Spain, Europe and North America. Many of our students win places at many
excellent universities including: Oxford, Cambridge, Yale, London School of Economics, Manchester and St Andrews.
伦敦国王学院(King's College London) ,简称King's或KCL,伦敦大学的创校学院,世界顶尖的综合研究型大学,享有极高美誉。英国金三角名校罗素集团成员,SES-5成员。国王学院由英国国王乔治四世建于1829年,同年授予皇家特许状,为历史最悠久的英国大学之一。
伦敦国王学院,与牛津大学剑桥大学伦敦大学学院帝国理工学院、和伦敦政经学院同为英国著名的“金三角名校”。国王学院的校友及教员中共诞生了12位诺贝尔奖得主,16位政府或国家首脑、34位英国现任国会议员。其中包括"上帝粒子"之父、诺贝尔物理学奖获得者彼得·希格斯,宾利汽车创始人沃尔特·本特利,文学巨匠托马斯·哈代、诗人约翰·济慈以及女文豪伍尔芙等。此外,国王学院还是 “科学与工程南联盟SES-5)”成员。
伦敦大学国王学院在多个国际排行榜上位居世界前列。近年最高世界排名第10位。2017QS综合排名世界第21位,英国第5位,欧洲第7位;2017 泰晤士综合排名世界排名第36位,声誉排名世界排名第31位;美国usnews世界排名45位,英国排名第6位。2017 世界大学学术排名(ARWU)第46位。根据美国《纽约时报》制作的世界最具价值毕业生排名,国王学院位列世界排名第32位。

Why choose the British School
King’s College?

British teachers
with expertise and a passion for their subjects
All our British schools deliver the English National Curriculum with its focus on developing thoughtful and knowledgeable young people. We know from experience that a successful school depends on recruiting teachers with the skills and experience to turn the curriculum into dynamic lessons that ignite the imagination. This is how we deliver real knowledge and understanding to your child and develop the core skills that will serve them well in the future
A very British education,
classes taught in English
We believe that child centred, exploratory learning, will teach your child how to think, question and explore new ideas. All learning at King’s College is based upon these core skills; not simply a list of memorised facts, but real knowledge and understanding. We cannot promise you that your child will go to one of the world’s top universities, no one can. We can, however, give your son or daughter the best possible chance to reach their full potential, as a thinking, conscientious young person.
We can say with confidence that we treat every child as an individual and that we will do everything we can to give them the best start in their life.
British School:
consistently excellent results
All of our schools have a reputation for academic excellence. Last year at our school in Madrid our pass rate for A levels was 99.3% and most of those pupils received an A or B. While nearly 98% passed AS Levels, again nearly 70% of those received an A or B. In the IGCSEs, 95% passed with three quarters achieving an A or B.
Students at King’s College received 164 offers from UK universities ranked in the top 50,81 offers are from universities ranked in the top 20 and 38 from universities ranked in the top 10. Good examination results and a place at university for your child are just part of what we strive to deliver. Parents send their children to King’s College because they want their children to be exposed to new ideas, to have their minds stimulated, their intellectual curiosity fostered and their creativity nurtured.

British Education:
upholding values in
every subject


British Education
at every age

Primary (British System)

Education in the Early Years makes a tremendous contribution to a child’s future and that is why our Primary school teachers are highly trained professionals. We attract and retain teachers who are passionate about their work. The Primary school years provide the foundation for all children’s later learning. This is true for social and physical development as much as academic progress. Learn more about “Primary Education”
Secondary (British System)

As your children get older, lessons become more demanding and the children begin to focus on their preferred subjects. The greatest advantage we can give your child is a true love of learning. That may seem simplistic, but we know that your child’s future depends on learning new skills and constantly improving their understanding, not just at school, but for the rest of their lives. Learn more about “Secondary Education”
Caring for your children 
and contributing to the community

We expect pupils to contribute to a positive, friendly and supportive atmosphere at school and require them to demonstrate respect for adults and other pupils. In turn, we will show them respect as young learners and help them with any difficulties that they may encounter. From the very small children who come to school on a bus, to older children who join the school at IGCSE or A Level, it is important that every child feels safe and welcome. Learn more 
As a multinational organisation we seek to have a positive effect on every social environment that we come in to contact with. We support the local and wider communities. 
Learn more

in the UK, Spain, and Germany

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